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Rocklin Party Rentals

Rocklin Party Rentals offers outstanding products and service for your next party, wedding or event. We are a small, family owned business and we work, play and live in Rocklin, CA. Delivery to the Rocklin, CA area typically runs about $65 to $75 based on mileage distance from South Eastern Rocklin.



  1. Set a Budget:
    • Determine how much you're willing to spend on the wedding and allocate funds for each aspect.

  2. Create a Timeline:
    • Establish a rough timeline for your wedding, including the date, and work backward to plan each milestone.

  3. Draft a Guest List:
    • Create an initial guest list to estimate the size of your wedding and select a suitable venue.

  4. Choose a Venue:
    • Research and visit potential venues that match your vision, accommodating the number of guests.

  5. Select a Theme or Style:
    • Decide on the overall theme or style that reflects your personalities and preferences.

  6. Hire a Wedding Planner (Optional):
    • If feasible, consider hiring a wedding planner to help with coordination and logistics.

  7. Book Vendors:
    • Secure essential vendors such as a photographer, videographer, caterer, florist, and entertainment.

  8. Design Invitations:
    • Create or order wedding invitations that align with your theme and include all necessary details.

  9. Dress Shopping:
    • Start looking for the perfect wedding attire for both the bride and groom.

  10. Plan Catering Menu:
    • Work with your caterer to plan a menu that suits your taste and dietary preferences.

  11. Organize Transportation:
    • Arrange transportation for the wedding party and guests if needed.

  12. Book Accommodations:
    • Reserve accommodations for out-of-town guests and consider a bridal suite for the wedding night.

  13. Register for Gifts:
    • Create a wedding registry to make it easier for guests to choose gifts.

  14. Arrange Marriage License:
    • Research and complete the necessary paperwork for your marriage license.

  15. Plan Ceremony and Reception Details:
    • Decide on the order of events, seating arrangements, and any special elements for both the ceremony and reception.

  16. Arrange Wedding Rehearsal:
    • Schedule a rehearsal to ensure everyone knows their roles and the ceremony runs smoothly.

  17. Finalize Decorations:
    • Confirm details for flowers, centerpieces, and any other decor elements.

  18. Confirm Vendor Contracts:
    • Double-check all contracts and confirm details with each vendor a few weeks before the wedding.

  19. Prepare Day-Of Timeline:
    • Create a detailed timeline for the wedding day, including getting ready, ceremony, reception, and any photo sessions.

  20. Relax and Enjoy:
    • On the big day, trust your planning, relax, and savor every moment. Celebrate the love you and your partner share